Collaboration is the key to successful campaigns. DMRI works closely with you to define the project, set measurements, and share feedback along the way.


Together we define the scope and goals of the campaign.


Clearly defining how to measure results is very important. This allows us to collect appropriate feedback from the marketing staff, track the progress of your campaign, and evaluate results.


DMRI works with our customers to provide comprehensive training for our marketing staff. Plus, we ensure ongoing access to client training, to ensure the DMRI staff can effectively implement your campaign.


Customers provide DMRI with a data file containing the call list. Some customers grant DMRI remote access into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. DMRI then manages the call schedule and tracks call results directly on the customer system.

Feedback and Results

From start to finish, communication is the key. In addition to tracking metrics, we rely on feedback from our staff to provide important customer feedback. We work with you to evaluate results and, if necessary, make adjustments.