About Us

For more than 15 years, DMRI has helped organizations reach their strategic goals with effective outreach campaigns. From updating mailing lists to generating qualified leads, DMRI partners with our customers to help achieve their objectives in the business-to-business marketplace.

Unique Resource

The DMRI approach is unique. Our highly personalized approach to project planning and training fosters a professional and dedicated staff with low turnover rates. Unlike many outsourced call centers, the DMRI marketing staff takes ownership of their accounts. Our marketing staff is permanently assigned to an account to build relationships and loyalty.

Trusted Partner

At DMRI, we are most proud of the relationships we build with our customers. We do not view ourselves as a distant third party outsourcing option. We aim to be an extension of your organization. That means DMRI becomes a trusted partner who clearly understands and represents your environment, culture and goals.

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